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Motheo Water has opened the door to disrupt water saving norms.

Traditionally, large buildings (hospitals, schools, government institutions, retail centres and the like) would rely on the skills of maintenance managers to find and repair leaks and manage their water services on their properties.

With the cost of water escalating above inflation, combined with the fact that we live in a water-stressed country, Motheo brings the technology and the skills to help its customers reduce their water footprint.

  • We are a Water Services Company;

  • We supply and implement a host of water efficiency technologies;

  • Our methodology is process based;

  • We measure everything – our solutions are based on real data;

  • Our solutions positively impact the environment;

  • Saving water also results in energy saving;

  • Our results speak for themselves.


UNIVERSITIES – We’ve reduced consumption at a Pretoria based university by over 100,000m3 per annum since 2018 through metering, monitoring and the installation of water reduction technology. We’ve been with this project from its inception and continue to add value with new and innovative technology. Our success was showcased at UP on SABC 2’s “Breaking New Ground” produced in conjunction with the Department of Water and Sanitation.

CSI INITIATIVES – We partner with companies to deliver on their CSI initiatives. We installed our monitoring equipment and water saving technology at over 30 schools in the Sasolburg region. We have reduced consumption by up to 50% at these supported schools. We’ve also run successful programmes with Wader (a Department of Science and Technology initiative) and Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development where we’ve reduced consumption in over 25 schools in Gauteng by an average of 45%.

RESIDENTIAL ESTATES – Our monitoring and SMS alert system on municipal supply lines is used in numerous residential estates around South Africa. This allows our customers to manage their infrastructure and reduce their potential losses by alerting them to unknown leaks and underground pipe bursts.

HOSPITALS – We’ve approximately saved 2,000,000,000 litres of water in public buildings including hospitals in the Free State. Our interventions have included leak detection, leak repair, pressure reduction and monitoring and are a result of having a day-to-day teams on the ground. Our project has generated savings and we have created employment opportunities in the region.

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS – We’ve introduced our water-on-demand system into thousands of bathrooms across shopping malls, buildings and schools around the country. We’ve shown that even when commercial buildings do not have persistent 24/7 leaks, we are still able to save water with this innovative technology in their bathrooms. The return on investment at Investec with this installation was 3 – 4 months.

PRECINCT – Pressure Management. We save our customer’s water by managing their pressure. Proper Pressure Management can reduce water consumption by up to 30% at a site. We use dynamic Pressure Management and the installation of pressure reducing valves. We specialise in Precinct Management where our customers have complex infrastructure and multiple uses for water.


Motheo Water has to date saved almost 4,000,000,000 Litres of water in the Free State!

Free State Shared Savings

  • We’re engaged with the Dept. of Public Works in Free State and deliver timeous water data on our platform for their hospitals and clinics;

  • In hospitals where we’ve initiated our water savings interventions, we’ve reduced annual consumption by over 50%;

  • Motheo at its own cost intervened and as evidenced in the chart above significant savings have been achieved;

  • On the Psychiatric Complex in the 15 months to May 2020, we have saved 678 million litres of water, which equates to R 11,1m.

Motheo Water is at the forefront of the digital water economy, utilising its proven water demand management methodology below:

  • We focus on commercial water monitoring and water reduction;

  • Specialists in precinct management – multiple sites, multiple uses, multiple users, large and complex infrastructure;

  • Each stage of Water Demand Management (WDM) is driven by ROI calculations;

  • We tend to seek a return on investment of 6 – 9 in WDM projects months.



• University of Pretoria set out to reduce their water consumption by 100,000,000 litre/annum. Using Motheo Water monitoring and our unique technology the university has reached 70% of their goal. This program is ongoing. Based on the success of this program, Motheo Water is now working with the University of Mpumalanga, UWC, UNISA, UKZN-Durbanville and UCT on reducing their water losses.

  • Eskom Academy of Learning. Motheo has achieved consistent water savings of 53% in the buildings in which we are operating our technology.

  • Redefine Properties: Motheo has deployed it’s water monitoring and water on demand technologies in over 40 Redefine owned shopping malls nationally.

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