Water Solutions

Government estimates that upwards of R 7 billion is lost annually due to water leaks. In order to address the ever growing water crisis in South Africa, Motheo Construction Group has partnered with AquaTrip, who have developed a unique, patented leak detection and reaction device .

Our business processes ensure that our customers are able to manage their water consumption and flow, as well as, address any leakages in order to immediately reduce their consumption and municipal billing. To put real monetary value to this, by installing AquaTrip at three local schools, these schools have collectively saved approximately R 432k per annum.

AquaTrip is award winning technology that has been successfully installed at over 5,000 residential, commercial and government sites across South Africa. This unique patented product provides solutions for municipalities to both control their water allocation and provide leak detection to the homes that they service. The product is a permanently installed solution that monitors the flow of water across a line. Water wastage is reduced and does not alter consumption. AquaTrip is perfectly suited for all types of building and water users.