A Truly South African Company, Truly Empowered.

We believe in embracing all the people of our nation – working together to bring true change. We put roofs over heads, but we also put work boots on feet. We believe in giving real opportunity to young South Africans, with genuine authority and responsibility. We believe in building our nation not only with bricks and mortar, but with the powerful spark that comes from unity.


Last Night 500 000 South Africans slept in a home built by Motheo.

On your way to work or school this morning, chances are that you could have gone through a station built or refurbished by Motheo. You may have even travelled by train – on railway lines, built with advanced precast technologies – by Motheo.

All of this to get to offices or schools – built by Motheo.

We estimate that over 50 000 students, will, today, be sitting in schools or TVET colleges built by Motheo.

Today you may find yourself in one of ten MTN Service Centres that Motheo has built or refurbished around the country or eating at a McDonalds outlet built or refurbished - by Motheo.

Or, if, in the unlikely event, your car was stolen in Johannesburg, you may find yourself in the vast Aeroton Vehicle Safeguarding Unit, which was designed, financed and built by Motheo.

If you were to fall ill you could end up in operating theatres built by Motheo.

And there’s a good chance that a member of the medical team attending to you lives in accommodation built by Motheo.

That leaky tap in your school or office park may have been automatically turned off by Motheo’s patented Aqua Trip device. Not only saving South Africa’s precious resource, but saving South Africans millions of Rands in wasted water.

The solid waste you generate could be processed in a Solid Waste Depot – built by Motheo.

And if you get thirsty and need an energy boost – grab a Monster energy drink, bottled in a factory built by Motheo.

As you switch off the light before going to bed tonight. The electrical work involved in connecting you to the power source could have been laid by – you guessed it – Motheo.

We tell this story to indicate that – although we remain passionate about housing – we are far more than a housing company.

What started as a small operation in 1997 has developed into MOTHEO Construction, Motheo Civils, Motheo Water, Motheo Electrical and Motheo Academy.

The name Motheo means – foundation​
We are building a business based on a firm foundation
and through this building our nation.

We build not only with bricks and mortar – not only putting roofs over hundreds of thousands of heads, but by raising the South African flag high. We at Motheo are 

A true example of a South African company.


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What started as a small operation in 1997 has developed into Motheo construction, Motheo Civils, Motheo Water, Motheo Electrical and Motheo Academy.

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