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Lettie Mashau



Post the tragic passing of Dr. Thandi Ndlovu, the message to all Motheo staff has been:

  • To protect her legacy:
  • To pick up the mantle. As a staff team of 220 strong, and approximately 1000 waged labourers, we’ll never fill the hole that Dr. Ndlovu leaves. Each staff member continues to be encouraged to do that little bit extra to bridge some of the gaps left by her absence.  
  • To consider what Dr. Ndlovu would have hoped for. We believe she would have encouraged team Motheo:
    • To be strong,
    • To keep going, and 
    • For Motheo to remain a shining light in the construction industry, an example of a truly empowered, South African company.

Ms Lettie Mashau was appointed by the Board of Directors of Motheo Construction Group, on the 9 September 2019, as the new Chief Executive Officer. 

Ms Mashau has been a part of the Motheo family for 14 years. Ear-marked early on as Dr. Ndlovu’s successor, Ms Mashau has been closely mentored by Dr. Ndlovu for many years. Having grown up in the township of Malamulele, Limpopo,  Ms Mashau joined Motheo Construction Group as a trainee site Quantity Surveyor in 2005, having qualified with a Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering. Showing integrity, determination and initiative in the work place, Ms Mashau took the opportunities offered her by Motheo with both hands. She quickly rose through the ranks. She is now a shareholder and Director at Motheo. Prior to taking up the position as CEO, she held direct oversight of all Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Free State and Pretoria operations. Lettie has served on the Motheo Board since September 2011, which oversees the company’s national operations and stragetic direction. Ms. Mashau has time and time again risen the Motheo flag high. Her character and industry track record express the culture, ethos and excellence that is Motheo. Whilst we all wish that Dr. Ndlovu was still with us, we know that this appointment would have been her hope. We believe that this appointment honours her legacy. 

The Board of Directors of Motheo Construction Group have reaffirmed their commitment to the Dr. Thandi Ndlovu Children’s Foundation Team Motheo will also seek ways in which we can meaningfully contribute towards arresting the curse of gender based violence in South Africa.

“To live my life to the fullest and experience each day as if it were my last, knowing that, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! To make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than I am . To touch each soul that I encounter as I journey through life with compassion, dignity, humility and respect, in the full knowledge that irrespective of our circumstances we are all made in the image of God.” Dr. Thandi Ndlovu’s life motto.

“Every employee is important, regardless of the type of work that they do or the level of their intelligence, together we compliment each other and complete a puzzle of a successful business.”

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