A Truly South African Company. Truly Empowered.

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Central to the way that Motheo does business is the development and empowerment of our staff and associated Suppliers and Subcontractors (SMME’S) consistent with our mantra of “TRULY EMPOWERED.” Internally we are focused on the development of selected individuals. Our efforts to grow individuals and SMME’s has deeply shaped the way that we do business.

We have seen newly qualified, inexperienced individuals move to integral members of our team, today managing projects and departments within Motheo. A further measure of our success in building into people’s lives is that over the past number of years, five beneficiaries have acquired a share holding within Motheo. Collectively they now hold 12.5% of the issued share capital of the business.This offers them a real sense of ownership and significant wealth creation.This process will be on going in the years to come to both reward and incentivise deserving individuals.

Our success has been a function of training generally provided by external professional service providers in areas such as negotiating skills, building contracts, programming, estimating, valuations, finance for non-financial managers, concrete technology, accounting and more. Creating a mentorship structure within Motheo with experienced practitioners supporting the newer entrants then supports the formal training. In terms of working with SMME’s, Motheo has a proven track record as recognised in a number of industry awards in the development of small and medium enterprises.

The support offered to empower these businesses can take various forms, including:

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